The binary build of LEO CDP Free Edition for training purposes

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This is the binary build (JAR file) from Java Source Code in my private Github repository

Why is LEO CDP ?

  1. You need to do Advanced Data Analytics with Jupyter Notebook / Google Colab to understand Customer Insights
  2. You need to do Data Segmentation for Customer Personalization and direct-marketing purposes
  3. You need to optimize Customer Journey Map and Customer Experience (CX)
  4. You need an on-premises software solution to deploy in your private cloud servers
  5. You want to build your own Customer Data Platform (CDP) for your digital business and digital transformation

General Data Flow

Leo CDP Flow

System Demo


Technology Architecture

alt technology-architecture-leo-cdp

Software Requirements

  1. Linux Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS
  2. Redis 6
  3. Amazon Java 8 Corretto
  4. Python 3.8
  5. ArangoDB 3.8 (Community Edition or Enterprise Edition or Cloud Oasis)
  6. Jupyter Notebook / Google Colab for advanced data analytics and machine learning services
  7. Apache Airflow for ETL job scheduling and data connector
  8. Prometheus 2 for System Monitoring
  9. Grafana 8 for System Monitoring

Proposal solutions for digital marketing services / data activation services

  1. Mailchimp / SendInBlue for Email Marketing
  2. OneSignal / SendPulse / Firebase Cloud Messaging for push notification
  3. Facebook for Business Marketing
  4. Google Ads for Search Engine Marketing
  5. Vimeo Premium for Video Livestream Marketing
  6. Buffer Social Media Toolkit
  7. Blogger API and YouTube API for SEO
  8. Google Sheets and Google Data Studio for Custom Reports
  9. Google BigQuery to analyse Big Data in the Cloud

Proposal cloud server vendors

  1. Google Cloud
  2. VNG Cloud
  3. AWS Cloud
  4. Digital Ocean Cloud
  5. Your private cloud server !

How to install

Please check this LEO CDP Installation Guide

Contact information

Author and copyright owner

Trieu Nguyen(Thomas)

Software license and quota

Community Support


For Vietnamese user

Bằng chứng về bản quyền mô hình framework USPA và phát minh LEO CDP